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Why should you consider McDaddy’s 


We are $2 million insured – A Registered “PEARLAND” Business – Licensed in Cleaning & Restoration!

Some Pearland landmarks we have cleaned :

CONN’S SUPER CENTER AT PEARLAND PKWY IN PICTURE ABOVE. We cleaned over 1,000 homes and business in Pearland each year 🙂 We have cleaned several hospitals, schools, churches, gas stations and more…Here are just a few popular locations located in Pearland that we cleaned in the last 2 years:

The City of Pearland Recreation Center,

The Pearland Shadow Creek Monument off 288,

Conn’s Super Center & Super Center across from Randall’s

Edge water Estates HOA & West Oaks HOA just to name a few.

We of course take on business in South Houston, Friendswood, Clearlake, Alvin, Manvel, Missouri City, Kemah, Webster and more 🙂

The owners of McDaddy’s Pressure Washing & Carpet Cleaning are Navy Captain Herb Kuykendall  & Ken McArdle . Herb is a 30 Navy Vet and Captain who still does inspections on oil shipments at 80 years of age 🙂 Ken McArdle the operating owner is a 53 year old Pearland Dad who lives in Autumn Lakes Subdivision (Silverlake – Pearland area right behind Home Depot) since 2008. Ken is a published children’s book writer and children’s game developer who has been cleaning South Houston businesses since the late 80’s back when Pearland was hardly developed. Ken & Herb opened McDaddy’s Pressure Washing & Carpet Cleaning in a attempt to target residential customers to minimize our overnight cleaning schedules and become a day time cleaning company in Pearland Texas.

Important Note to help Pearland customers find a reputable pressure washing company:

Make sure the company you choose is for real ! Must have a physical address listed on website (Marketers use PO BOXES cheat and call them suites), A registered Pearland business (You might be surprised that 9 of 10 are not Pearland), a training certificate in cleaning and restoration and pictures with their equipment and company vehicles showing their work. We have to get on these new companies every month for using our pictures on their websites. There is a reason why they use our pictures 🙂


Click on the “BLUE” YouTube address below: 


With over 250 degree steam & chemicals WATCH this BEAST clean as it MOWS right over MOLDED BLACK cement!

imagesCAL4JIJB McDaddy’s imagesCAL4JIJB

We simply beautify your property & leave you with a smile on your face.


* We use the Top Rated Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Machines from ProChem & Landa (Please Google them & research our machines : ) You are only as good as your equipment when cleaning.

* Our machines clean faster. (Time is money).

* Our machines clean even without streaks or etching. (Surface cleaners do not scratch your cement)

* We use up to 250 degree heat/steam. (Heat cleans better than any chemical and it kills mold on contact)

* We bring up to 500 gallons of water to you 🙂 Most pressure washing services will use your water for 10 times as long costing you more money.

* Our water recovery, high pressure, filtration & water storage system in our LANDA E.C.O.S 7000 let’s us reuse our water again and again when needed 🙂

* McDaddy’s is INSURED, LICENSED & CERTIFIED IN CLEANING & RESTORATION for your protection 🙂 We have cleaned Hospitals, Schools, Buildings & we know what to do 🙂


Great News:

New Residential Pricing for 2016 !

Residential – Home Pressure Washing Prices & Services


The Best Service @ The Best Price !

  • Pressure Washing Sidewalks: Standard Sidewalks $25, Corner House Sidewalks $50.
  • Pressure Washing Driveways: Short Driveways $45, Long Driveways with detached garage add $75
  • Pressure Washing Curbs: $20. Corner House $30.
  • Pressure Washing Patios: Small Patios $20 12×12 & under Large Patios $35 & up & Pool Decking $50.
  • Pressure Washing Cement Slab around your Air Unit, $10.
  • Gazebos, Standard Size Gazebos $45, Large Gazebos $85 & up.
  • Fence Pressure Washed, Standard ‘8’ Foot Wooden Fence $ 1.50 per foot (width).
  • Pressure Washing Mold from home walls, widows & gutters, top to bottom:

      Continued: Right or Left side of house $35, Front or Back side of house: $55,

(Prices good up to 3500 sq ft home) .

Take comfort in the fact that we are Registered, Certified, Licensed & Insured for your protection.

Call 832-725-4520


Simply click on each picture to enlarge

Exterior Mold Removal - Before picture

 Before & After pictures of Exterior Mold, Mildew & Algae Removal from Homes & Businesses.Exterior Mold Removal - After picture.jpg 2Exterior Mold Removal - After picture

 Our industrial strength machines work faster and much more effective saving you both money & water.




Call 832-725-4520





The Pearland Community & All surrounding H.O.A. Communities :

No matter if you choose McDaddy’s to serve you or another cleaning company, Be careful of untrained individuals marketing their cleaning services on “CRAIGSLIST” & other free ad sites. These people will post 30 to 50 ads per day to draw you in & try to convince you they are qualified to use chemicals on your home or business.

If hard cleaning chemicals are not neutralized and are left to dry on your home walls it will cause “chalking” (The paint drys to a point that if you wiped it with your finger it comes off like chalk!)

If the right chemicals are not used on cement after surface pressure washing the mold will return showing your swipes and tracks. The seed of these weeds must be killed or the algae and mold are still alive.


Several Pearland Residents have had their homes damaged this year by Craigslist individuals from outside our city targeting Pearland home owners because they make high incomes. Almost all of these Craigslist marketers are uninsured & are not licensed in cleaning & restoration. People of Pearland please be careful 🙂 Prices are normally lower locally anyway with the cost of gas and travel time. Find a local insured cleaning company with industrial & commercial cleaning systems made to clean cement & walls faster and safer. Time is the determination of money spent on these services and industrial machines are ten times faster, 100 times safer & much more effective & they even use way less water. We bring 500 gallons of water to you! 

We will teach you easy ways to control your molded areas. We try to help our customers understand why they have mold and algae and what easy steps can control these growths.

Here are things to look for :




General Liability Insurance :

A Physical Street Address :

A Certification in Cleaning & Restoration :

A Pearland Business License :

A Legitimate Website Listing These Facts :

Truck mounted or trailer mounted equipment

(For the heat & high pressure needed)

All of our credentials at McDADDY’S are listed at the bottom of this page if you scroll down 🙂

If these things are not posted on their website, shy away immediately.

Why take a chance?

What is your liability?

Use someone local who is trained and insured that is directly effected by local customer satisfaction response & repeat business. A company that wants all your future business and offers you the protection and service we all expect & deserve. We feel we are that company at McDaddy’s 

Some of these inexperienced perpetrators are young adults in their early 20’s or just beginners with store bought equipment experimenting on your home to make a quick buck and learn a new trade.


See our sample pictures below:

Proper commercial equipment is required to apply & remove chemicals quickly off the walls of a “2” story home or business. When cleaning MOLD, MILDEW & ALGAE from high walls, windows & gutters, beware of anyone using a ladder & a pump up sprayer TO CLEAN HIGH AREAS, he probably has no insurance or training and if he falls or suffers from dehydration from breathing harsh chemicals for long periods of time in the heat, if they slip and fall or if a ladder malfunctions they will always sue your homeowners insurance and even you personally for medical & lost wages. They are on your property with your permission just like a friend helping you paint your own house, you are liable. Chemicals dry into your paint in less than 5 minutes in Texas heat. At McDaddy’s we use industrial jet sprayers to apply & remove chemicals within 4 to 5 minutes off the entire side of a home. If the chemicals dry into the paint, expect a milky wash down and faded paint as a result on your  plank board. When cleaned right your paint should look almost brand new when mold is removed. 

Notice the commercial chemical applicator spray gun to the right in the sample below:

Exterior Mold Removal - After picture.jpg 2


For cement we clean with a commercial “Hydro-Twister “Surface cleaner which is a 2 feet wide cement cleaning system that mows over your cement at up to 250 degree heat if needed, cleaning evenly with precision at 1 inch off the ground to kill the mold on contact and we use pressure at 3500 PSI which is the exact chemistry to clean cement at 5 gallons per minute. 


Below is a picture showing a brick cleaning using heat at Lakes of Edgewater Subdivision.




Our Industrial Machines clean 10 times faster than (wands & pressure washing guns) and we use way less water! We show up with 500 gallons of water in our LANDA E.C.O.S. 7000 Industrial Cleaning System. We are normally finished in 2 hours or less on a whole house cleaning. Imagine your water bill if a pressure washer cleaned all day using your water? Your water bill would be more than what you pay for the service!




All of our employees have at least passed with a 90% percentile in their IICRC graduation classes for their cleaning & restoration certificates 🙂 For your protection as well as ours 🙂




We are insured to clean & pressure wash residential properties up to industrial properties and have $ 1,000,000 to $2,000,000 in General Liability Insurance Coverage for your protection and ours as well 🙂


Below you will find pricing for Home Owners & Realtors:

Left click on any picture to enlarge it to full screen size!


 Industrial Strength Surface Cleaners

Our Hydro Twisters are industrial strength pressure washing surface cleaners used to clean concrete, cement, stone, wood & brick surfaces for maximum results. (See example above). Fast & effective steam pressure cleaning at over 230 degree heat, vacuum recovery & a 4 stage filtration system that can reuse it’s own water again & again. We can do the job faster & we can do it for less without using your water!

Pressure washing buildings using a boom lift. www.McDaddys.com
Above: Pressure washing buildings using a boom lift. www.McDaddys.com:







 Above pictures show cement tat has been cleaned with a surface cleaner and the treated with chemicals to kill growth and whiten slabs.


Below picture shows before and after pressure washing of a wood deck:




Pressure washing service for residential and commercial customers located in Pearland Texas.

McDaddy’s Pressure Washing cleaning the Houston Community College EDC Building above .



Pressure Washing 

Is an official vendor for:

City of Pearland, City of Angleton & Brazoria County.

For Free Pressure Washing Estimates Call :



imagesCAL4JIJB McDaddy’s imagesCAL4JIJB

Licensed, Certified, Registered Business in Pearland Texas & Insured for your protection:



McDaddy’s is licensed to clean in Houston & surrounding cities. We have obtained our most recent license on 12/14/2012. Our City of Houston Permit is # 918.



McDaddy’s carries general liability insurance & commercial auto insurance in compliance with the standards for industrial, commercial & residential services for your protection.



McDaddy’s is certified by “IICRC” & “Clean Trust”. Chemistry, heat & suction are the best solutions to cleaning in most cases. Protect your family & your property by only using certified cleaning techs. McDaddy’s has obtained the highest level cleaning certification available for the Carpet Cleaning Industry “IICRC” or “Institute of Inspection, cleaning & restoration” and all of our techs have obtained certificates as recently as December 2012. Our certification # 187325. Each of our cleaning techs have scored over 90% with IICRC & Cleantrust.



McDaddy’s is registered to do business in the State of Texas including Houston and it’s surrounding cities.


We Service The Following Areas

McDaddy’s services Pearland, Missouri City, Friendswood, Alvin, Webster, Angleton, Clearlake, Kemah, League City, Texas City, Houston & surrounding areas. Please call us if you need any assistance :)

McDaddy’s 832-725-4520


Commercial & Industrial Services Include:

Heavy Equipment Cleaning, Commercial Truck Cleaning, Parking Lots, Parking Garages, Brick Walls & Fencing, Street Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, Commercial Sidewalks & Restaurant Applications (Vent hoods & grease traps).


McDaddy’s only uses EPA Approved Equipment

EPA Legislation Guidelines:

Remember that both you the customer as well as your pressure washing service provider are equally responsible to abide by the city guidelines for both waste water retrieval & waste water disposal.

At McDaddy’s our certified technicians only use top rated commercial & industrial cleaning machines so we can to do the job right!

Our Landa ECOS 7000 – Industrial Strength Pressure Washing System & Hydro-Twister Heat Extraction Surface Cleaner can pressure wash up to 20,000 square feet in less than an hour with over 230 degree heat extraction, “Saving everyone time & money”. We quickly mow over your driveway with the hot water extraction surface cleaning vacuum system called a “Hydro Twister”. We also use spray guns for touch up work in small areas, trim work & corners. We can also use our water and recycle it over & over again with our filtration system to save you more money/water and time. ?

How can we pressure wash over 20,000 square feet per hour?

With our Landa ECOS 7000 & Hydro Twister Surface Cleaner “McDaddy’s” can finish a job in less than one hour that takes a normal pressure washing company over 10 hours to complete. This is accomplished with surface washer over “2” feet wide that glides on four wheels across your cement surfaces like a lawn mower. Our system leaves no streaks caused by spray guns, because we overlap cleaning lanes with our surface washer as we clean. Minimal over spray protects your windows and doors from being exposed to heat or flying objects cause by other cleaning machines. At over 230 degree heat the hot water/steam kills weeds at the root that live in your cement cracks and then cleans all those greasy oil stains, mold & rust that cold water applications can not break down. Heat cleans best as shown below in the demonstration:)

Click on the web address below to view our

Hydro-Twister Presentation

Click here to view Hydro-Twister


Environmentally – Clean – Operating – System

“McDaddy’s” uses a “FAST & EFFECTIVE” industrial strength Environmentally clean operating system called a Landa E.C.O.S. 7000: This beast of a machine combines over a 230* degree hot water/steam extraction, a chemically balanced cleaning solution and a water pressure flow of “5” gallons per minute pounding on your cement at 3500 psi that is then vacuumed through a state of the art environmentally approved “4? cycle filtration system (The waste water goes through a 50 micron filter, then a 20 micron filter, then a 5 micron filter and finally a oil sock filter). Our ECOS 7000 filtration system keeps you the customer from having to pay for 1.000’s of gallons of your own water (McDaddy’s will use the same filtered water over and over again to save you money) and you do not have to worry about oils, chemicals and other pollutions going down your local street drains that end up in your local streams, ponds and lakes. Pollutions can destroy the appearance of where you live and can also be unsafe for your pets, friends and family members. ?


For Free Carpet Cleaning Estimates Call : 832-725-4520 ?

We always do a little extra at McDaddy’s 🙂

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Have you “Deep Steamed” your carpet lately?

Prochem Legend GT

Our 2012 model Prochem Legend GT has proven to be one of the best “Hot” water extraction carpet cleaners in the industry for over 30 years and it keeps getting better. Using a 235 degree steam/heat extraction of 330 cubic feet per minute this machine will bring the life back into your old soiled carpets. The chemistry is very important in carpet cleaning so we choose to use Prochem who has set the standard in the carpet cleaning industry for over 30 years. “Prochem is # 1 for a reason”. McDaddy’s only uses the very best products to obtain the the very best results.?














This is the highest level certification available to the cleaning / restoration Industry & each of our employees have updated their certifications as recently as December 2012. Our Registration # is 187325. Each of our techs have scored over 90% with IICRC.



McDaddy’s also does Upholstery Cleaning, Emergency Flood Extraction and more…

McDaddy’s can clean your Fence, Deck, Brick, Stone, Siding, Sidewalk, Patio, Driveway and more…

Carpet cleaning with our Prochem Legend GT using 230 degree heat extraction.







Carpet Cleaning Safety

McDaddy’s is a family owned business & we put your family’s health & safety first before anything else. We lay out floor mats to avoid slick wet floors & walkways, we have warning tapes to block off freshly cleaned areas when needed, we have air blowers to quick dry carpets, we use door and wall guards to protect your walls and doors from our hoses while we clean, we use hooks to hold our hoses in place on stairways, we have booty/shoe covers to keep sanitary and ovoid tracking dirt and germs in from outside while we work, we sterilize our cleaning equipment after every job, we always have at least a two man crew on every job we do and we do are best to teach our customers how to keep their home clean and safe in the future after we have left your home or business. “McDaddy’s uses the safest liquid chemistry available” which is very important for people with allergies and other health conditions, (Always tell anyone who is cleaning your home if you have someone in the house or family member that is allergic to any kind of chemicals, other chemistry options may be available to you), once we have sprayed chemicals then we thoroughly rinse the chemicals from your carpets to protect both your carpets and your pad underneath, anytime chemicals are left in the carpets they act as a sponge for dust, dirt, mites and other waste that gathers and stick to your carpets. We put spacers under your wood stained furniture and we use a special chemical that breaks down urine and leaves your carpets safe and clean smelling for your family, friends, customers & loving pets who may relax or play on the floor. Nothing is more important than your family’s health & safety & everyone loves the smell of clean fresh carpets 🙂


McDaddy’s offers Pet Odor, Stain & Urine Removal !

When your pets have accidents or other moments of imperfection, McDaddy’s is here to solve the problem so that your children are safe to play an relax on your carpet 🙂





Before & After Pictures

Here are some samples of work we have completed cleaning wood decks, cement, pool area, fencing & brick. These jobs were cleaned using our Landa E.C.O.S 7000 and our Hydro-Twister Surface Cleaner at up to 230 degree heat. 







Payment Methods









We can swipe your credit card on location to help you secure your personal information:

We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash and pay-pal. Please call us for more information on payment and pricing details at 832-725-4520. ?

McDaddy’s Contact Information: 

Office Phone Number




McDaddy’s Pressure Washing & Carpet Cleaning
2201 Appian Way Pearland Texas 77584


Web Address www.McDaddys.com


Send All Emails To:



McDaddy’s is Licenced, Certified and Insured for your protection as well we are registered to do business in the State of Texas including Houston and it’s surrounding cities. We service Pearland, Missouri City, Friendswood, Alvin, Webster, Angleton and most of the South Houston areas. Please call us if you need any assistance 🙂               McDaddy’s 832-725-4520.

Service Contract Disclaimers:

The company or its authorized agent agrees to perform the work specified in a professional manner using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results. The professional cleaner is limited in attaining the best results due to the condition and nature of the article being cleaned. Listed below are conditions which are the most commonly encountered for which we disclaim liability and for which the customer agrees not to hold us responsible. The nature of some spots makes it impossible to restore original color or texture. At times, a spot will appear to be even more visible after a general cleaning of the material. Spotting work on rust, liquor, cosmetics, ink, coffee, lipstick stains, and the like is performed at customer’s risk because REMOVAL OF SPOTS IS NOT GUARANTEED. Carpeting, by nature, has certain permanent characteristics (fluffing, blooming, pile shading) that cannot be changed and may even be highlighted by cleaning. The colorfastness of fabric, leather, or other material depends on the material and the dyes used in manufacturing. Backing, lining, and other materials and processes used in manufacturing carpeting and furniture may produce adverse results in the face material when cleaned. There is no way of determining when such results will occur. The customer will not hold the company or its agents responsible for SHRINKAGE unless shrinkage is caused by our negligence. The customer will not hold the company or its agents responsible for COLOR FADING due to light, age, or weak or deteriorated materials. PET DAMAGE AND MAJOR ODOR TREATMENT: These treatments can only be guaranteed IF we are allowed to reach all of the affected areas, the carpet is pulled up, and cushion discarded. The carpet is thoroughly cleaned on both sides with a special product that neutralizes the urine. The sub-floor is also neutralized. A special odor barrier is applied to backing of the carpet, to sub-floor, and baseboard (Addition charges will apply for this service). PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Payment in full is due at the time of service. If amount due is not paid in full, any discounts made on the invoice will become void and full original amount will be due immediately. Any further delay in payment will result in legal actions. RETURNED CHECKS: A $30 returned check fee is added to the invoice. By signing this invoice the customer acknowledges 100% satisfaction with the above services rendered. The customer has 7 days from date of invoice to contact McDaddy’s regarding any complaints with our services and McDaddy’s must be allowed to inspect & correct any of your concerns to resolve any customer issues or complaints. We want leave a smile on your face.

The “IICRC” Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification is only awarded to cleaning technicians who have been trained to uphold the highest standards of carpet cleaning & customer service in the carpet cleaning industry. McDaddy’s does not cut corners, we clean them J

An area is defined room, bathroom, hallway, stairway, walk-in-closet or landing.

A combination of areas or an area over 225 sq. ft. is considered a separate area. Pricing is based on nylon & polyester carpets only. An addition charge will apply to fine fabric carpets, deodorizers, DuPont Teflon carpet protectant, urine odor removal, problem spot & stain removal. Offers are not available in all areas. McDaddy’s must be allowed to inspect & correct any of your concerns if you are not 100% satisfied with our services. Our guarantee is no longer valid if subsequent carpet cleaning has been performed.

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