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2201 Appian Way
Pearland , TX 77584, US

About McDaddy's Pressure Washing & Carpet Cleaning.

McDaddy's Pressure washing & Carpet Cleaning is 1 of 3 commercial pressure washing companies in our family that service Houston to Galveston. My cousin Greg Smith opened our first family pressure washing service back in the mid 80's in Friendswood Texas primarily as a carpet cleaner who also pressure cleaned.
McDaddy's opened the Pearland office in 2012 servicing pressure washing & carpet cleaning services for commercial and residential clients.

We can put up to 10 surface cleaning units on the ground cleaning jobs at the same time if needed for large commercial projects. We have cleaned building well over 100 ft tall, hospitals, shopping centers, schools and churches. We learned years ago how to use chemicals and how to neutralize them for the best results and have heat applications to deep clean exterior bricks, stones, cement / concretes, slates, sidings, coatings, glass and heavy aggregate surfaces if needed as well. We know how to neutralize our chemical applications for safety, we know how to avoid silt on glass buildings and we abide by O.S.H.A cleaning codes for our safety as well as our customers safety. Soft washing applications have been used for decades to simplify cleaning high areas with light pressure and our industrial equipment can reach up to a 3 story building from the ground eliminating the need for ladders in most cases. We have 6 gallon per minute, 8 gallon per minute and 9 gallon per minute cleaning systems for the toughest jobs! For a free estimate call us at 832-725-4520.

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